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'Research shows that there is more scientific evidence for hypnotherapy than any other complementary therapy...
by using hypnosis people can perform prodigious feats of willpower and self healing'. 

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Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Healing Mind Body & Soul

Transpersonal hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool and is highly successful for treating many of our 'Western' behavioural problems i.e.

  • Addictions: including smoking, gambling or drugs
  • Phobias: Fear of flying, obsessive cleanliness, or tidiness
  • Anxiety: stressed out, inability to cope
  • Habits: nail biting, over or under eating

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is at the cutting edge of modern psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy thinking. Yet at the same time it is getting closer and closer to the way traditional shamans work.

As humans we are highly complex beings, working on many levels i.e. Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit. Who do we turn to when we have sickness in our soul or spirit? Transpersonal Hypnotherapy treats the whole person at all levels. Many 'modern' behavioural problems (listed above), if left unchecked can ultimately lead to chronic sickness of the body. The approach of Cutting edge medicine is that preventative healing instead of curative healing is the way to go. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy discovers developing sickness in soul, spirit & mind before it develops into sickness of the body.

Shamanic Healing Is About Energy

Shamanic healing is about energy, and typically the practitioner sees lack of health and wellbeing on any level as being about loss of energy in some form. Two main forms are described below.

Soul Loss

Trauma, stress, abuse and serious accident at any time in one's life can result in loss of life force, vital energy or essence which is known as 'soul loss'. In order to survive seriously challenging situations a soul part leaves the individual and takes refuge in one of the other worlds, taking with it some of the life force and leaving a hole in the soul that remains with the body.

This process often results in one of the following symptoms:

  • Depression
  • Apathy
  • Inability to move on after a loss or death
  • Problems with the immune system.
  • Feeling fragmented, scattered, ungrounded or simply "not whole.
  • Frustration with emotional and behavioural patterns that persist in spite

of sincere efforts to resolve them through therapy and other modalities.
Feeling a hole within that can never be filled.

  • Chronic illness physical or emotional, addictions, compulsive behaviour, and "ruts." The feeling "I've never been the same since..."

The practitioner journeys on behalf of the client to retrieve lost soul parts, fill the hole, and restore the integrity of the client's life-force.

Shamanic extraction - Power Loss

We may conceive of power as the scaffolding of the soul, with its own appropriate frameworks and connections: if these are well aligned, we remain in good health; if they are fractured, then power loss results. Power, does not flow if there are blockages: dirt needs purification; disorder requires reorganization; unethical and selfish behaviour create imbalances in our power; if we neglect physical, mental or social nourishment we grow weak; in addition, we may lose or relinquish power due to different factors, or it may be stolen from us. When power is severely under threat in these ways, power loss takes place.

As the soul begins to fragment, we may
indulge in addictive behaviour

As the soul begins to fragment, we experience a growing lack of self respect and may indulge in addictive behaviour to make good the power loss we are experiencing; these are symptoms, not causes of soul loss. Soul loss is ultimately caused by disconnection with power and Spirit, the chief cause of which is neglect of our spiritual duties and failure to nourish our soul; further to this, we may lose or relinquish soul parts or they may be stolen.