May I recommend Corin from my Australian experience. He's the real deal as he has lived the life for real, walked the walk, and stored this experience way down deep. He's not just practicing add-on pick and mix spirituality and superficial therapist veneer. He's the genuine article.
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy can help us discover ourselves, help us meditate and consider. It is practical, empowering and leads to wisdom on how to carry out our lives, how we should treat others in a positive way...it taught me to work to a plan, to push through the obstacles, to go deep down inside myself. This will allow for me to achieve my potential and transform myself by my own efforts. Initially that requires direction from others but eventually I will be able to do it myself by tapping into my own unused strengths.

Alan - Brisbane - Australia

Transpersonal hypnotherapy provides an avenue to aid empowering oneself, to bring about positive changes, to assist in healing the wrongs we are doing to the earth... it offers a way of learning an alternative approach to healing, an area I am looking forward to exploring further.
After working with Corin I was able to encounter a deep meditation where I felt I had experienced my inner sacred grove...
However I was very much aware that throughout this exercise I was not only required, but wanted, to train my mind to delve further... through practice, it has enabled me to achieve greater reach into my sub conscious and therefore greater contact with the Divine ... Now I have started to do this, with wonderful results in attaining a heightened state of awareness ...and have found that the benefits of my meditations have also greatly increased.
... I allow the flow of energy to fill in and around me I literally feel the cleansing of my overall self being performed. It also helps ground and centre me in order to prepare me for whatever the day or night holds. 

Melanie - Melbourne

I am practising Riki healer and I think that with the added spiritual energy received from working with Corin there can be so much more that I can do, mentally and physically. If we are to survive in the 21st Century we must stop procrastinating, and put all our efforts into ways to save what is left of our planet. At this moment it feels that we have to stop hoping for a miracle and start to become part of the miracle ...

Christine - North Wales